Mary Beth Harper - Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar

Mary Beth has been performing publically since she sang at  a backyard fundraiser for a local politician at the age of 3. Broadway and Jazz musicals and features from grade school through college, and 4 years with the St. Joe's Swing Choir Kept her busy and tired much to her parent's relief.

Paying gigs started when she was around 14 as part of a folk duet which lasted more than a decade.

A local band called the Beez was her entree into classic rock, but it lasted only 2 years before band members moved on.

After a child raising break, Mary Beth began soloing in the church choir, which led to years of Contemporary Christian singing all over WNY. Her voice can be found on 8 CDs with Father Bill Quinlivan, also known as "The Singing Priest. and she was on the Kingdom Bound stage sveral times. She was also a featured soloist for more than 4 years of monthly PraiseSong performances.

Recently, Mary Beth teamed up with veteran guitarist vocalist Tom Young to form the Young Harper duo, and has been loving every minute of performing at clubs and events in the WNY area.



Tom Young - Lead Guitar and Vocals

Tom has been playing music since the late 60's. playing at local WNY clubs at first, In the mid 70's he decided to go on the road and tour the United States with Nashville recording artist "Gabriel" which was an Elvis & 50's show band. He then later toured with locally based top 40 show band Kaleidoscope.

In 1980, Tom decided to stop touring and took a job as manager of Tagg's music store. During this time, he played locally with various rock cover bands, but in the early 90's decided to stop playing all together due to work conflicts.

In the early 2000's, at a friends encouragement, he decided to get back into playing again and joined local rock band Powerplay who he played with for 7 years at just about every club in WNY. Since 2013, Tom has been playing with the Mid Life Crisis classic rock band, and more recently teamed up with vocalist Mary Beth Harper to form the Young Harper duo.